Embracing The Glamour: Jewellery trends that will steal the show in 2019!

Welcome to a dazzling journey through the hottest jewellery trends of 2019, where we unveil the mesmerising gems straight from the CatWalk!

Escape those January blues and immerse yourself in the world of fashion with these must-have pieces for your jewellery box.

Donatella Versace, the fashion icon herself, urges every fashionista to curate their own collection of trendy jewellery, as investing solely in clothes is simply futile. According to her anyway, and we're inclined to agree. In 2019, designers arre showing special attention to this segment of fashion, and we invite you to explore the pinnacle of jewellery trends to swiftly adorn your collection.

Prepare to be enchanted by the opulence of abundant stones and dazzling rhinestones, the allure of layered and asymmetrical designs, and the prominence of larger-than-life statement pieces. Pearls, precious and semiprecious stones effortlessly adorn most of these trends, accompanied by delicate, elongated layers of exquisite craftsmanship.

Join us as we unveil some of the hottest trends straight from the fashion week runways, along with our handmade alternatives that rival their elegance and charm!

1. Tassels



Transform any outfit with our exquisite range of tassels, available for purchase starting at just €45.

2. Chunky Coloured Bangles


Stack them up or flaunt them individually, our collection of Dyrberg/Kern coloured bangles offers the perfect balance between casual and dressed-up styles.

3. Floral Statement Earrings


Elevate your day-to-night transition with these enchanting floral statement earrings, radiating elegance and grace.

4. Gold Multi-Layered Necklace

Stay ahead of the trend with our selection of skinny, multilayered chains, a must-have accessory this season. Whether draped over your cozy winter woolens or complementing your breezy summer attire, this necklace will be your style companion.

5. Chunky Chains

Embrace the industrial-chic allure of metal-inspired pieces, exuding minimalist vibes that effortlessly harmonize with a range of patterns and materials.


We are head over heels for these breathtaking jewellery trends of 2019!


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Thank you for joining us on this fashionable adventure.

With love, Azure xx